What are Data Centres & What Do They Do?

With data centres emerging almost everywhere, many are starting to question what their purpose actually is. If you do not know much about data centres, you probably do not know that they are facilities that are useful to any company that is involved in IT. Data centres have existed for many years, almost as long as we have had computers around the workplace. These centres continue to change as tech constantly evolves.

Data Centres

Basically, a data centre is a facility that houses computing and network equipment. They offer a wide range of services, some of which include:

  • Cloud & Colocation Services
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Infrastructure Solutions

Each data centre is not the same, some like busway data center offers different services to other companies in the industry. When choosing a data centre, it is best to speak to a company representative to ensure they can meet your demands.

Variety of Sizes

When people think of data centres, they usually picture sprawling hi-tech computer rooms which are packed full of server racks, servers, and all kinds of other computer components. Although there are some massive facilities that are common amongst some of the transnational IT corporations, they are not all big. You will also find that some multinationals like Facebook and Google offer smaller companies data floor space. This gives them access to a world class facility without having to pay the high costs.

In contrast, there are also smaller data centres that are nowhere near the size of the facilities mentioned above. Some businesses set aside a specific data centre room while other companies offer a specialised facility. If the room houses servers, networking, and telecom equipment, it can be classed as a data centre.

Why Use a Data Centre?

There are many good reasons to use a data centre. Modern data centres offer top of the range security features that protect sensitive information. In addition to cybersecurity, they also have physical security around the facility – biometric scanners, security guards, cameras, and more. These centres are equipped with large-scale air-cooling units and backup power systems.

As you can see, data centres have many benefits. They continue to change as new technology arrives on the market and alters the landscape. Data centres have existed for a long time and they are becoming more and more essential as computing power grows. They evolve with technological advancements and more facilities emerge each year.

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