Tips to Help Improve Your SEO For Amazon

Just about every marketer online soon realizes that SEO is important for their business and website. Generally, the business owner targets Google for all their SEO tactics. The fact is that Google is the number one online search engine and an excellent way to draw targeted crowds to a business website. However, quite a few business owners are also marketing their products on sites like Amazon. Therefore, knowledge concerning SEO for Amazon is very important and critical to their overall success on this selling platform. Any product that they sell on Amazon will get lost in the sea of products without good SEO. Here are a few tips to consider.

Optimize Your Product Pages With Keywords

Search keywords on Amazon for various products. Soon, it is easy to identify the pages with the best ranking are using a few traditional SEO tactics. Yes, some search engine optimization tactics work on this site too. It is easy for a marketer to optimize its product page ranking by using the right targeted keywords. First, it is important to sprinkle relevant keywords all through the product page. However, the most important section is the product title. The marketer might win the marketing game by placing relevant keywords in the title along with the product’s name.

Product Keyword Field

The site allows the marketer to place 5 keywords in the fields that are filled out for the products. The best course of action is to make better strategic use of those areas. For example, the marketer should use longer keywords, never repeat the same keyword, use various spellings of a keyword.

Brand Names

Sources report that people on Amazon often search for a product using a brand name. Marketers selling a product with a highly recognized brand name should make use of this fact by including the brand name in the title or keyword fields. Just make sure that the brand name is accurate and on point or the marketer might lose ranking points.

Product Descriptions

Certainly, product descriptions are also vital to a product’s ranking on the selling site. Any marketer that only writes a one line description, is going to lose ranking and customer sales. The key to creating a good product description for the site is writing more details and adding several bullet points. It is also important to add all relevant keywords in the product description fields too. The marketer should use other tactics to show the reader that their product is the right one for them too.

Price Checks

Smart marketers always check the price of similar products on the selling website and price their product accordingly. Common sense should tell the marketer that a product that is priced too high will have a lower search engine ranking and not sell well, compared to similar products at a lower price.

Professional Images

The marketer might have a great product at a good selling price, but the customer has doubts about the product because of the low-quality images of the product. Therefore, the customer decides to make a purchase with a seller that has uploaded high quality, professional images. Studies demonstrate that higher quality, professional images lead to more sales and more interest in products

Reviews Affect Site Ranking

Most marketers realize that positive reviews lead to a higher ranking on the selling site. Therefore, it is important for the marketer to get more of their customers to leave positive reviews. Every marketer should contact their customer after a sale, and ask them to leave a positive review if they are satisfied with the product.

Of course, there are literally hundreds of SEO for Amazon tactics used by marketers to drive up their ranking on Amazon. These tips are just a starting point to guide the marketer to a higher ranking on the site.

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