Tips & Suggestions for Fitting Out a Retail Store

If you are planning a shop fitout, there is a lot to consider, and whatever your budget, you obviously want the best value for money. You may already have a theme in mind, one that incorporates your company colours, and you must never lose sight of the main goal, which is to provide a layout that makes finding products easy. Here are a few tips from the fitout professionals to help you make the right choices when refitting your store.

  • Project your Branding with In-Store Signage – Your signage provides a great opportunity to project your branding, so try to incorporate your company colours into informational signage and calls to action. Find a local company that offers sticker printing (called รับ ทํา สติ๊กเกอร์ in Thailand), and with the right design, all of your signage will follow a theme.
  • Make Good Use of LED Lighting – LED light boxes can be very effective, and placing a few in your shop window will highlight the messages you wish to convey. Light boxes with digital messages are a very effective way to get your message across, so make sure you take a look at what is available.
  • Don’t Forget Climate Control – You could have the nicest layout, yet of the temperature is uncomfortable, visitors will not wish to remain any longer than a few minutes. Invest in a good HVAC system that gives you optimum temperatures all year round and you won’t regret it.
  • Push your Impulse Products – We all have those small products that are either novel or very useful, and placement is very important for such items. Have a rack near the checkout that is in a prominent position with the right calls to action, which should tempt store visitors to add to their purchase.
  • Source an Established Shop Fitter – Fitting out a retail space is an art, and with so much going on, timing is critical. Ideally, your store should be closed for no more than a couple of days, and choosing the right fitting crew will ensure that things are done in order, leaving the floor as the final project. You must ensure that the store complies with health & safety regulations, and make sure that your signage is comprehensive and covers emergency exits.
  • Spend Time on the Design Stage – The worst thing that could happen is to have second thoughts halfway through the refit, and in order to ensure this doesn’t happen, spend a little more time thinking about the layout. Doing this might lead you making a few minor changes, and only when you are sure that the layout meets all of your needs should you go ahead.

Obviously, you will have a budget for the refit, and once the shop fitter knows how much you are willing to spend, he can begin to plan the refit. Ideally, you should plan for a refit every 3 years, and with the help of a professional in-store design team, the refit will be successful.

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