The Powerful Mechanism That Is Visible in Garbage Trucks or Dump Trucks

The rubbish collection trucks called garbage or dump trucks use power take off PTO which is a very good mechanism which is used to transfer mechanical power of the engine to another required part of the equipment.

Even if the other part doesn’t have its own engine or motor with this mechanism it is possible to transfer the power from the main vehicle.

Types of Power Take-Off mechanisms

The most common type of PTO that is visible these days is with a geared transmission. But there are a total of three PTO methods available in the market. They are

1.     Engine Crankshaft driven Method

This method will be generally used for hydraulic pumps that are mounted in the front of the trucks. This mechanism is usually seen in a cement mixer. Even though when casually saying this type of mechanism will not be called a power take off PTO but this is one of the types of PTO.

2.     Tractor Style Method

In older days, PTOS drove with a transmission where they are located in the back part of the tractor. This type of PTO can be used only when there is a power-up at the transmission clutch.

3.     Truck Transmission Style PTO

Small trucks will use Power Take-Off to drive the hydraulic pump for a winch. But large trucks will use PTO mechanisms for various purposes. But for both small and large trucks hydraulic pumps are the most common and in this, they use PTO to load and unload different types of cargo from the trucks.

But in the case of larger trucks, two to three PTOs are required for every transmission.

Applications in which PTO is used

For any equipment which doesn’t have its own engine, power take-off PTO will be used. Mainly this mechanism is used in farming equipment and commercial vehicles. The first vehicle PTO is used is for tractors and for the help of farmers. Some of the most common and worth noting PTO applications include

  • Harvesters
  • Water pumps
  • Hay Balers
  • Wood Chippers
  • Mechanical Arms

Importance of Power Take-Offs

PTO is important and useful because this mechanism is transferring energy that is wasted if not used and it is transferring it to another useful source. There are many applications that are entirely necessary that is being accomplished using this mechanism in which the main part is using the otherwise waste energy.

Maintenance required for PTO

For having safe, proper, and trouble-free PTO experience it is very important to perform periodic maintenance. There should be a maintenance schedule for both daily and monthly checks.

  • According to daily checks, the air, hydraulic and working mechanisms are to be checked before using the power take-off mechanism.
  • For monthly maintenance checks, an inspection of possible leaks should be done and hydraulic and mounting hardware should be checked. All the splines are properly lubricated if necessary.


A normal truck will only transport goods from one place to another. For those trucks, this power take-off PTO mechanism is providing some extra function. It will give power to the auxiliary equipment to do the work of lifting or transferring.

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