Simple Digital Marketing Tips Your Competitors Possibly Don’t Know

There are times you just feel as if you are lagging behind everyone else. For a small business owner, its easy to get overwhelmed and feel as if your competitors are way ahead of you, especially when it comes to marketing. You are probably not in a position to a Charlotte digital marketing agency to keep up with all the latest marketing strategies. However, this does not means that you have to lag behind. On the contrary, you can become a one-person army and still conquer the industry. Here are some tips to help you out.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Trying to do everything all at once is one of the biggest mistakes most rookies make. Setting up 10 media accounts, setting up a PPC campaign, and setting up a rigorous blogging schedule will simply be too much for you. Understand that less is more, and what you need to do is place your focus and consistency on your primary goals. If you are consistent, you will have a loyal social media following, if you are consistent in your blogging you will have loyal customers, and if you are consistent with your SEO strategies, you will have money in the long run.

Find Your Place

Most business owners already understand how critical it is to appear on social media. However, try not to make an appearance everywhere. Focus on the platform that is most engaging for your target audience.

Have an Email List

Email lists are extremely important. As a matter if fact, they are the most responsive and valuable assets your business can have, especially when you are starting out. Unlike social media, you own your email list, and this is something most of your competitors are not doing because they are probably too busy with social media.

Keep the 80/20 Rule In Mind

The 80/20 rule states that 80 percent of your success will come from 20 percent of your effort. This rule actually applies almost in all aspects of your business. What this means is that most of your content needs to communicate value, while the rest should focus on promotions. Valuable content is timely, relevant, fresh, and dedicated to solving the real problems of your target audience.  Most business owners have this rule the other way around, promoting the business 80 percent and only offering their clients 20 percent, which never works.

Enhance Your User Experience

Your user experience is extremely important and you need to enhance it because it will be the glue that sticks everything else together. The most popular ways of doing this include the content you poast on your website, the communication channels you use, the website loading speed, the menu navigation, chatbots, and the tone of your website. There are more metrics you can use, but these are some of the most important.


As you have seen, the best way to get ahead of the competition is by using tried and tested digital marketing strategies. If you implement the tips above, you will be always ahead while your competitors trip at their own mistakes all the way.

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