How to Plan for a Winter Move in Toronto

If you have an impending move, you might have been advised by friends or family to move in the winter, since many moving companies are comparatively less busy during the colder months. You will probably get a better choice for moving day to suit your weekly schedules. While you would have to follow weather forecasts regularly for snowstorm or road block alerts, we can offer a few guidelines to help you prepare better for a winter move.

A moving company in Toronto ON faces slowdown in winter, and hence, will likely be more enthusiastic to take up any business that comes their way. Along with professional moving help, use these tips to have a stress-free move in winter.

#Plan ahead

Similar to any kind of move, make sure you plan well ahead of time. In winters you will need the extra time to account for days lost due to blizzards or ice storms. If a moving company in Toronto ON claims to guarantee consignment delivery even during winters, they probably haven’t considered weather hindrances.

#Book early time slots

Winters in Canada see short days with less daylight. Be sure you ask the movers to start early in the day to make maximum use of sunlight. Even if you read reviews of a moving company in Toronto, you’ll find recommendations to begin the move not long after daybreak.

#Preparations outside and inside the house

With a winter move you always run the risk of your movers (or you) slipping on snow or ice. Aside from injury, your possessions could be damaged in such falls. Before the team from any moving company in Toronto ON begins work, make sure the pathway to the house is shoveled and clear of obstacles. Inside the house, you could use cardboard to line the floor and old rags to clean any mess. Even at the new home, keep cleaning products handy

#Consider higher travel times during winter

A moving company in Toronto ON will probably charge an hourly rate for their services. So time literally is money. But during winter, some things like delays and traffic build-up on roads due to snow or road closure can’t be helped. The icy roads increase the chances for accidents, so ensure your drivers transport your belongings safely and in secured trucks to keep damages to a minimum.

#Cold can damage goods

It’s not just accidents, extreme cold too can cause glass items or other furniture to crack or shatter when they are taken from the warmth of your home into non-heated trucks. Try to keep travel times to a minimum during winter.


As an acclaimed moving company in Toronto ON, Let’s Get Moving has professionals who are experienced in all kinds of moves. They can easily manage summer or winter moves alike and can provide their expertise in all matters of moving and packing. For a winter move, they’ll even ensure their staff use shoe covers to keep the indoors of your new house clean and mess-free.

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