The backbone of any successful business is passionate people. Without solid employees, even the best-planned company will fail. Unfortunately, recently a lot of businesses have been treating their employees as though they are just an expense. However, any professor of management will tell you that this will only lead to long term problems. Finding talented people is the most important thing for any new business to take care of, so here are five ways to find the right people to help YOUR business succeed!

Find a business partner. A business partner can assume some of the financial risk, come up with excellent ideas, and bring competent employees to the company. It is almost impossible to have a successful business without having partners. Ideally, one should have partners with different backgrounds than themselves, such as finance, law, marketing, or programming. There’s no need to sit through hours of unproductive meetings to find partners of board members, just find an acquaintance with similar interests. Take this advice, and your business will have a much higher chance of succeeding in all aspects of business!

To retain the best employees, offer a multitude of benefits and a solid salary. Although this may be difficult for some new businesses, try to set up a profit-sharing system with your staff, as this will give them an incentive to work hard. Set it up so that high earners and long term employees profit the most, so that everyone is motivated to stay on and move on up.

It is difficult to wade through emails and resumes, so it might behove you to try to find employees via referrals. In high demand industries, such as nursing, employers routinely offer incentives to their employees to refer new prospects. Usually, the incentive is a one-time payment, as long as the employee stays with the business a certain amount of time. Remember, an outstanding employee is going to know other great potential employees. Use references to the advantage of the business, because in the long run it will pay off enormous.

For a lot of jobs, education and training is not as important as in other trades. What is crucial for any company is to have solid employees who can adapt to new changes in the industry. When interviewing potential employees, remember to seek out answers in problem solving and other topics outside of their realm. Any company, whether it has 5 employees or 5,000 employees, needs people who all get along, so remember the big picture when asking questions!

As mentioned previously, in order to retain employees, a business needs to offer strong financial incentives. Furthermore, a business needs to offer other incentives, such as the ability to work from home, paid vacation, and flexible work hours. The best employees are going to expect the best treatment – otherwise, they may leave and go to a competitor to do the same work!

Remember, solid employees are the backbone of any successful business. Remember, the best way to find and retain talented employees is to offer strong incentives and benefits. The best workers are going to demand the best wages, incentives and treatment. Do not rush when hiring new employees, make sure the fit works well for everyone.

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