Finding the most reliable dropshipping supplier is probably the most critical part of starting your dropshipping business. Remember that if your supplier messes up or does not deliver, it is upon you to make it up to your customers and none of their business. As such, you want to find a dropshipping supplier you can rely on to deliver within the given timelines. Here are the steps on how to find your ultimate dropshipping supplier.


When starting your dropshipping business, the first thing is to identify the products you would like to sell. Then research the best dropshipping suppliers for your products available out there. Here, it may be necessary to select between a local or overseas supplier depending on whether you are catering to local customers or customers outside your region. Visit websites for dropshipping suppliers such as and see what each one of them has to offer. Consider the service potential, raw material sourcing, and delivery times.

Evaluate the supplier’s technology

Dropshipping does not have to be based on outdated websites. A reputable dropshipping supplier invests in good modern technology to streamline their operations. So, take your time to assess the supplier’s website. Look for features such as customizable data feeds, searchable order history, a detailed catalog of products to make your work easier, among other things. For instance, some suppliers allow merchants to place the orders via email instead of placing them on the website or calling in manually. That is a simple integration that makes the whole process seamless.

Contact the potential suppliers.

By now, you probably have three or more suppliers that suit your needs. The next thing is to contact them and enquire more about their services. Interacting with them allows you to gauge how quality their services are and ask more questions about how they work with dropshipping entrepreneurs. If the supplier is reputable, they can even give you contacts of one or two of their current customers to ask about the experience of working with them before committing yourself.

Another critical thing to consider is how you feel interacting with them. Having a good relationship with your supplier right from the beginning shows that you can trust them to do good business with you. Remember that you will be on the same team for the next couple of years and grow your businesses together.

Order some product samples

Choose one to three suppliers that suit your needs, then order product samples from them for testing. Depending on the type of products, you need to be keen on their quality, quality of service, packaging, delivery times, and other special requirements to ensure you are satisfied working with them. This allows you to get a first-hand experience of what your customers will experience when they order products from you.

Assess your competitor

It is a wise idea to order from your competitor and find out how their supplier packages the products, the quality of services, and look out for unique things such as custom labeling. That gives you an idea of the quality of services you need to deliver to your audience to beat your competitor.

concluding thoughts

Ensure you discuss everything with the supplier before you commit to working with them. Remember that you need to protect your brand by choosing a reliable dropshipping supplier.

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