How to Buy Real Instagram Likes

This large social media platform was established on 6th October 2010 and was later on bought by Facebook on 9th April 2012.

Since its inception, it has continued to attract users at a fast rate with the current estimation of active users being a staggering 500 million.

The largest population of Instagram users is also estimated to be young people.

The platform allows users to post photographs and videos limitlessly hence attracting such posts and stories in their millions

It is essential to understand how the platform works to fully utilize its potential.

How Instagram Works

On this platform, interaction and engagement are all that matters. It uses an algorithm that studies your past engagements and interactions to generate an individualized feed for you.

There are also other factors that the metrics consider when influencing what you see on your feed as;

Interest – the algorithm tries to anticipate how you will react to certain content then ranks content that you will categorically care about more thus putting top on your feed.

Timeliness – the recently posted content will appear first on your feed.

Interaction – the posts of people you have previously engaged with on the platform will also be selected to appear top of your feed by the algorithm.

Understanding the Instagram Algorithm

It is very important to know what excites your followers and used more time creating content that caters to their interests.

You can know this by looking at how the engagement on your posts was or by asking your subscribers to give feedback on your content.

You can also look into how frequently you make new content the newer posts get preference on users’ feed. Try figuring out when a good number of your followers get online and post closest to that time for your content to be recognized first by the algorithm over other posts.

Your followers also have to engage your content. The more the comments, likes, and shares the more the chances that your content will appear first on their feeds.

Can You Buy Instagram Likes?

The answer is yes. Sounds great, right?

Purchasing Instagram likes is not a criminal offense and you don’t have to worry about breaking the law.

However, there are factors to consider before deciding on how to buy Instagram likes and where to buy them from.

Finding a genuine and trustworthy site that offers the service is paramount, seeing that most online websites use bots to generate fake Instagram likes for users.

It is very unsafe to get fake likes and Instagram highly condemns the act with the possibility of having your account suspended.

It is highly recommended that you buy real likes. These are also called “organic” likes since they are not computer generated but actual likes by real people with real Instagram accounts.

You can source for real Instagram likes from authentic service providers and increase your online presence to enjoy maximum benefits.

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