How Good Use of Stickers Can Boost your Business

If you run your own business, stickers are a really good way to get your message out, plus they can be affixed to most mediums and with the right design and message, stickers can do wonders for your branding. It does require a level of forethought and planning to design and print the ideal stickers, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of stickers when promoting your business.

  • In-Store Environments – There are many ways that stickers can be deployed inside a retail outlet, which would include calls to action, informing customers of special offers and promotions. Once you have found a local company that offers design and sticker labels printing (called พิมพ์สติ๊กเกอร์ติดสินค้า in Thai), they can help you to create the ideal design, and one that would reflect company branding. Your shop windows are always good locations for promotional stickers that are informing customers about up and coming promotions, so make sure to make good use of your store front.
  • Prime Locations Near your Business Premises – There would be quite a few locations nearby where you could affix a few promotional stickers, just make sure that you do not post stickers where you do not have permission to do so. Handing out stickers at shopping malls will certainly get your name spread far and wide, and a few hours spent this way is always a good idea. Even slipping stickers under car wiper blades can encourage motorists to post them in their vehicle windows.
  • Point of Sale Locations – Your store checkout areas are perfect places to put a few stickers as calls to action, with messages like, ‘Buy Now While Stocks Last’, or ‘Special Offer Ends This Month’. Popular products should be placed close to POS locations, as shoppers tend to reach for these at the last minute.
  • Including Stickers with Every Purchase – If you ask your cashiers to slip a selection of stickers into the customers’ bags, this is a very effective way to get your message across. They might use them in their home or at the office, or even post them in their car, and giving the stickers to friends will also help to get your message across.
  • Trade Fairs & Exhibitions – These are great venues in which to hand out stickers, as all of the participants are in your chosen industry. You could slip a few stickers into each PR pack that you hand out to passers-by, which will likely bring dividends.
  • Special Promotions – If you have seasonal sales, you can design a few stickers to remind consumers about your up and coming special offers, mentioning closing dates of any special offers that you are running.

All of the above ideas can generate a lot of interest, and by joining forces with a local sticker design and print store, you can create the ideal stickers to promote your business. When ordering stickers, it is important to consider what medium will be used, as some stickers are very difficult to remove from windows or other fittings.

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