Here are the Features of Donut Load Cells You Must Know

Donut load cells makes the measuring of bolt tension very easy in the tight spaces. The lead time of donut load cell is up to 360kN = 7 weeks; 540kN = around 12 weeks. Donut load cells can be customized and 3D CAD models are also easily available in the market.

At a glance

The capacities of donut load cells is 0-12.5kN to 0-540kN. The output of the donut load cells is 1.5mV/V nominal. Provides environmental protection for up to IP66 ingress protection rating, the accuracy ranges to <±1.5%/RC typical. There are also many custom sized variations available for the same, like low height and compact in size to easily fit into limited spaces. It also guarantees optimum performance, the high frequency response of the donut load cell captures the transient measurement in a faster way.

These load cells have a long life and would require low maintenance as it bears rugged stainless-steel construction. You can use it for a number of applications with the customization services. There are also many submersible versions available for the same which makes them ideal for marine and offshore applications.

In detail

The CCG low profile donut load cell can also be termed as an annular load cell, load washer or force washer. These are designed for applications where the bolt tension should be determined with a low-profile transducer. They are also used for measuring the cable tension applications where they are being mounted to the anchor point for providing continuous monitoring. The design of the annular donut load cell is quite stiff which provides it as an excellent frequency response letting it to be used for the transient measurement if needed while the rugged make of the stainless steel and IP66 ingress protection rating makes sure it provides a maintenance free and a long life.

The design can also be customized on a regular basis to be used with a number of applications that include lower height versions, which is 5mm at the moment, a fully submersible IP68 versions and the ones where the inserts let the use of a single load cell with many sizes of bolt. There are also many high capacity versions. You can also go for a taller load cell as the space in your facility allows it to be. For more insights, visit the website today.

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