Finding an Employee for a Niche Role

In the current climate, it may seem like it’s a recruiters’ market when it comes to hiring people, but the truth is, there are always certain roles that are difficult to fill. It may be because your business does something unusual and the industry is fairly small, or it may be that you need someone with a very specific skill set that is hard to find. Either way, here are some tips for finding an employee for a niche role.

Use a headhunter

Headhunters are an excellent way of recruiting people, as they don’t just wait for the right people to apply for a role, they actively go out and find people for it. It’s worth working with headhunters Bangkok who are well connected, and ideally have experience in your industry, as they’ll have the contacts needed to get you the right person for the role.

Headhunters can save you money in the long-term, as you don’t spend weeks or months advertising and wasting time, you simply sit back and wait for them to find the perfect match.

Go out and network

Networking is often seen as something that jobseekers should do, but it also has benefits for those who regularly recruit people.

  • Forming relationships means you can find people through connections
  • You can find the rising stars in your industry
  • You’ll often make important business connections too

If you’ve met someone at a conference and networking event, then it’s worth adding them to your LinkedIn or simply keeping in touch for networking purposes, as you never know when you might need one of them or their contacts for your business.

Train an existing employee

Recruiting from within is another option. This can be more difficult if the role requires an advanced degree or similar, but it can be a good option if you can train someone junior into the job. People who get promoted are more loyal to the company and already know your business and how you operate.

Companies who work in niche industries often have problems recruiting. This is because you can’t always find someone with the exact skills and recruitment to fill every role. That’s why you should look at options such as hiring a headhunter, as this can be a quicker, easier way of finding people with the most specialist skills and experience, as well as making sure you network. The right employees make or break a business, which is why recruitment is so important.

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