EDDM: The Cost-Effective Marketing Campaign For Small Businesses

As the name implies, EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) delivers similar printed content to every home and business on a particular mail route. Unlike specific mailing names and address lists, EDDM services utilize the mapping tool of USPS (US Postal Service). The method seems to be cost-effective and time-saving for marketing campaigns. The EDDM services are primarily used by small-scale and new businesses.

Is EDDM the right choice?

EDDM is a location-based marketing approach. In case, a business depends on the niche market, targeted customer demographics, etc., EDDM services are not the right choice. The advantage of EDDM services is that it is highly cost-effective for local, small-scale businesses that want to reach every individual in a particular region.

The examples of businesses that are perfect for EDDM campaigns are:

  •       Banks
  •       Insurance agencies
  •       Restaurants
  •       Department stores
  •       Furniture stores
  •       Supermarkets
  •       Electronic stores
  •       Healthcare providers
  •       Real estate companies
  •       Landscapers
  •       Home-improvement providers

To analyze whether EDDM services are a good fit for a specific company, the business owner must ask questions like:

  •       Does the business need to focus on targeted people within specific neighborhoods?
  •       Can anybody within a particular geographical location be a potential customer?
  •       Do the products and services offered by a company appeal to everyone?

If the answer is a yes to the above-mentioned questions, EDDM is an excellent option to reach potential customers and grow business revenue.

Requirements for EDDM

To include EDDM services in the marketing strategies of a business, the mailing products must cater to the requirements of US Postal Services.

  •       Every mailing item should have a maximum height of 10.5 inches, and a thickness of not more than 6.125 inches.
  •       The mailing items should be smaller than 12 inches x15 inches
  •       The mailing must consist of 200 pieces or more
  •       The weight of each item must be less than 3.3 ounces

What is the cost of EDDM?

One of the reasons small-scale local businesses incorporate EDDM services in their marketing agenda because of its cost-effectiveness. When a local business utilizes EDDM services, there is no need to include a mailing list. This saves time and money while preparing marketing campaigns. The US Press prints and designs the mailing products in a specified size. The USPS mails the products to the specific ZIP code and delivers postcards and other marketing content to every resident within the specific geographical boundary. The expense of postcard printing depends on the quality of the paper chosen, and the size.

The motive behind EDDM services has been to offer low-cost options for small businesses to send direct marketing content. Henceforth, the US Postal Services offer low-cost postage rates for such businesses. Thus, a business can save more money while involved in direct marketing campaigns for its products and services.


For local businesses planning to start marketing campaigns cost-effectively, EDDM services make a great option. Since it is a direct marketing campaign, EDDM can attract a large number of potential customers. A business simply needs to create marketing campaign postcards, design it as per requirements of USPS. The rest of the work lies with the US Postal Services.

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