Does The Design of Your Blog Play A Role In Its Success?

If you have been following Google’s SEO related updates for years, then this question must not surprise you. However, if you have recently joined the game, then here is a piece of advice to follow. Your WordPress website design is a crucial factor that affects your SEO score by a significant margin. From how your website appears online to how fast it loads on various devices like smartphones, computers, tabs, laptops — everything comes in handy when Google decides to rank your website in SERPs.

So the better your website is designed and the quicker it loads, the higher are the chances of it getting top rankings on Google and other search engines. In case you are trying to set up a website for the first time and have no technical background, then it’s wise to hire a professional agency or freelancer to design your website and make necessary changes that can improve its rankings in the long run. There are several factors that you might not spot in the beginning but a professional web designer and developer can do so easily. So, follow this advice and rank your website on the first page of Google.

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