Career Opportunities for the Ambitious Person

We are definitely living in exciting times, what with the explosion of digital technology and other fields, and if you are currently studying at high school and preparing for further education, there are many career options that are open to all. Here are just a few industries that offer a potentially rewarding career for you to consider.

  • Infrastructure Engineering – Every society is built on an infrastructure, which means there will always be a demand for the right kind of engineers. You could study at a university in Singapore for your Bachelor Degree in infrastructural engineering, which would open many doors for a very promising career. You can play an integral role in building cities and complexes that will reflect the high level of technology we are currently experiencing.
  • Communications – This is a very broad field that includes marketing, human resources and entrepreneurial skills, and if you like communicating with people on different levels, a course in communications would provide the perfect platform for a rewarding career. Public Relations is a demanding field that offers many challenges, and the great thing about getting a BA in communications is that it can be used to enter a wide range of industries.
  • Computer Programming – If you are into IT, why not learn how to write code? There is a growing demand for front and back end developers in the App industry, and this field is rapidly developing on an almost daily basis. You might have an interest in Java programming, which is very highly paid, and by keeping abreast of current developments, you can be a part of the cutting edge in programming.
  • Laboratory Analysts – Lab research and analysis is a booming industry, with new and innovative materials that are being discovered. Graphene is said to be a wonder material that will change the way we live, and by studying lab analysis, you can be qualified to pursue a career in so many different fields. Of course, you should have a passionate interest in chemistry, which will see you in good stead if you decide to pursue a career in the science laboratory.
  • Digital Marketing – This is a growing industry that every business needs, and with a degree course that includes search engine optimisation, you would be very well placed to enter into a very dynamic industry that will always be in demand. SEO professionals command very high salaries, and by combining a love of IT with marketing, you can set yourself up for a very rewarding career by helping online businesses get their message across.

The above are just a few examples of challenging and rewarding industries that are crying out for qualified people, and with a BA in your related field, you have the perfect platform on which to build a very successful career.

South East Asia is an exciting and dynamic part of the world, and if you live in Singapore, there are some great universities that offer a wide range of courses that can help you to launch a promising and challenging career.

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