All About Fire-Rated Hatches

One of the biggest considerations in building or renovating is fire safety. It is important to work with a shop that offers everything you need to consider fire safety in your project. You may need boards, barriers, and sealants to stop smoke and flames from spreading through void spaces, and electrical fire protection helps protect your appliances and wiring. You can also get intumescents, wraps, and collars to protect your pipe work, floor and wall penetrations, and stop fire from spreading.

Fire-Rated Hatches

One important fire safety consideration is fire-rated hatches. They provide access to fire-rated ceilings, floors, and walls. You can use the hatches to reach the building’s electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. They come with different levels of fire resistance and in different sizes. You can choose the best option for your project.

Fire hatches that have a one-hour rating allow people in the room an hour to escape from the building if there is a fire. This is an important safety feature that offers protection when a fire occurs.

You can also use fire batts and boards to protect pipes and other services. They are designed to prevent smoke and fire from travelling through any gaps or voids, which ensures that the fire-rated walls are safe and do the job they are designed to do. Often fire barriers are made using non-combustible fibreglass, which is an effective material for preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Protection for Buildings

When you work with a quality commercial building supply shop, they will have other fire protection for buildings as well. This includes items that prevent both fire and smoke from spreading in an emergency. They offer boards, barriers, and sealants for this purpose.

You also need to consider preventing pipes and other systems from allowing fire to spread, and wraps, collars, intumescents, and fire sleeves are all available for this purpose. The intumescents will expand if there is a fire, and they give occupants additional time to get out of the building.

Finally, when you wrap the pipes, you can protect the walls and floors, and pipe fire collars are a great option. Similar to intumescents, they expand when there is a fire, and the expansion ensures that gaps are sealed. The cavity around the pipe is protected by a fire sleeve, which also expands when exposed to fire.

Final Words

Fire safety is a critical consideration in building and renovation, and it is important to work with a commercial building supply shop that offers a range of options.

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