Adalite Wallet and the Mnemonic Entrance

Adalite is a hardware wallet that allows you to access your fund in the most secure way possible. Vaccumlabs develop the Wallet; the hardware supports Trezor model T, Ledger Nano X, Android device & Ledger. With every new Wallet created on Adalite, the user get the cryptographic words called mnemonic; the mnemonic ensures the safety of the Wallet and the funds present. Adalite Wallet can be accessed by anyone with the cryptographic words (mnemonic) of your Wallet. That’s why it’s always suggested to keep the mnemonic a secret by the user of the Wallet. Adalite provides a demo wallet to the interested audience of Adalite to get a better understanding of the Wallet.

What is Mnemonic?

A mnemonic is simple words is the key to your vault full of funds. It is a passphrase that usually contains 12 or 24 words that work as an entrance to the Adalite Wallet and a key to restoring the address. The mnemonic code needs to be safe with the Wallet owner if the rightful owner loses the mnemonic code. Under any circumstances, the Adalite team won’t help the user restore access to their funds. It is advised not to save your mobile device’s credentials as plain text as it would be easier for anyone to steal your credentials.

What happens if one forgets the mnemonic?

In such an unfortunate event, anyone can’t help the users regain access to their funds. Adalite never stores the data for a long period of time-related to the Wallet of the user. Every time the users reloaded the page, they have to log in all over again. Make sure your credentials are safe, and you remember them. If you have memory issues, try to write it down on paper rather than saving it in a mobile device notes section. Put the paper on which the credentials are written someplace safe where no one has access but you.

What happens if the transaction is not loaded?

If your transaction was completed and the transaction history or balance is not visible, immediately don’t panic; it may be delayed by a minute due to some minor issues. Adalite Wallet offers quick service to its clients. Wait 20 minutes for the transaction to be visible on your wallet history and refresh your website. The balance and history may appear within a few seconds of delay.

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