A Guide to Setting Up an Office: What you Should Know

Every organisation needs to have a base, from where the business is administrated and if your venture is still in the planning stages, you need to factor in office space. If you are concerned about huge expenses that might cripple the business in its infancy, there are affordable solutions, such as serviced and virtual offices.

What is a Serviced Office?

This is office space that is cleaned daily and with essential office equipment that might be shared with a couple of entrepreneurs, it really does bring the cost down. You might have a handful of staff and most are out in the field, in which case, shared office accommodation is ideal, while you won’t have to worry about office supplies, as they are replenished on a daily basis.

Essential Office Equipment

Fortunately, there are WA printer and photocopier suppliers who can ensure that your equipment is always working as it should. Your staff are only as good as the equipment they use and renting or leasing is the best option as you have no maintenance issues.

What is a Virtual Office?

In this digital age, you might not have to meet anyone face to face; all you really need is a registered office address and a virtual receptionist to handle all incoming calls. Adopt the outsourcing approach and Google “printer shop near me’ when you need high quality printing, rather than shelling out for a laser colour printer. You can rent top of the range photocopiers and printers, which is preferred of you have a large volume of printed content.

Define your Needs

While it would be nice to recline in your plush CEO chair in a spacious office, ask yourself if this is really necessary. You can meet business acquaintances on the golf course, or at a top restaurant and office space comes at a cost to the business; talk to a leading local commercial real estate agent if you do need a lot of office space; lease all the office equipment and call in the contract carpet contractors and you are good to go.

Many small businesses can manage very well without a traditional office; cloud solutions make this possible and with remote call handling, no one would ever know your office is only in name. Outsouring office services is another way to skirt around having a large office and you don’t have the hassle of directly employing people, which is actually cheaper than hiring your own people.

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