6 Standing Desks Design Tips

Since the pandemic, almost everyone’s work has got shifted to the home. Now working for long hours from home sitting/standing posture can be uncomfortable. Standing desks is the solution to all these problems. Once you shift from normal desks to standing desks lot of your work will become easier.

There are many different standing desks to choose from. Here are six standing desks design tips for you.

1.      Make your desk

Many of you might think, do we now have to use a hammer and a knife to make a desk? Well, not! If you live in a small room, it becomes complicated to install a standing desk in it. So how to reduce your back pain if you can’t install a standing desk? The answer is simple you customize your desk. Sit on the chair, adjust the right height for yourself and ask the carpenter to make a desk that suits your purpose.

2.      Go for self-inspired looks

Desks can be boring, no doubt. But they too help you to maintain the right posture. So if you are looking for standing desk design tips for your standing desk, you can self-inspired looks. This means these desks not only save space, but also you can use it for a different purpose. You can keep your accessories along with your laptop.

3.      Have more shelves

Are you living in a studio apartment? Or is your room really small? If yes, then it is shelves that will help you save space and yet have a standing desk. When you are buying standing desks for yourself, try to buy a desk that comes with extra selves. If you have extra shelves, then you have extra space. You can keep your books and other important things on the shelves and end up saving space.

4.      Woodcut design

Woods are known for their strength and durability. So if you are planning to buy a standing desk for yourself, try to go for the wooden one. They will not only bear any amount of weight but also give your room a classy look. Also, unlike other standing desks, the wooden ones give up extra stability.

5.      Swipe it

The keyboard’s position is in the middle, and the mouse is on the right. But working for hours can strain your hands. So you can swipe the positions of them. You can shift the mouse to your left or keep the keyboard down. So if you want your wrists to keep working for long hours, you can swap these two positions. It will be easy and comfortable for you.

6.      Get yourself a mat

You know how to stand at a standing desk, but do you know that you need an anti-fatigue mat? When you stand for long hours, your legs get strained, and after some time, you feel uncomfortable working. But when you get yourself an anti-fatigue mat, it will help you stand for long hours. The mats also help you have an improved blood flow in the legs.

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