6 Reasons You Should be Using Google Drive

The days of organizing and storing paper documents and files exclusively are long gone. It’s never been easier to incorporate a new system called Google Drive into your life, to change forever the way you write, organize, manage, share, host, and collaborate on projects.

I personally couldn’t imagine my life without it because using Google Drive is so dependable. It almost becomes an extension of you, instantly saving your work every moment, continuously backing up your progress into Google Cloud. I never have to worry about losing my work again!

Read on to learn more about its awesome features!

What Is Google Drive Used For?

Google Drive is amazing for folks who don’t know don’t already use a cloud storage service. It serves in this capacity as well as allowing you to store your files in one location. Keep them secure, or share and collaborate with specific people.

  1. Work From Anywhere

Because your files and info are being constantly stored in the cloud, you can access your files from anywhere at all, any time you want (as long as you have an internet connection).

You won’t have to worry about losing your work if you have your laptop stolen, for example, because you can access all your work from any computer. Access it at school, work, a friend’s place, or anywhere, because with ubiquitous internet access, it’s easier than ever. Simply log into your Google account, and you’re all set.

Install Google Drive, sync up your devices, and view updated projects on any one of them concurrently.

  1. Collaboration

An exciting aspect of Google Drive is the collaboration that’s possible. Doors are opened for you and your team. No more snail-mailing documents back and forth like in the old days. No more waiting for a file within an email, looking at what’s been edited, see notes awkwardly added, etc.

When you collaborate on Google Drive, it’s streamlined. Comments can be added by highlighting the area to be addressed and typing it into the column to righthand column. These can be hidden as well if you want to view it without comments for any reason.

Edits will be a new color for each person’s contributions, and these edits can be hidden as well. Compare and contrast the project with or without certain alterations and chat about those changes in real-time. Revert changes back in time.

You can even work on a document at the same time! Watch as your co-worker or colleague makes an edit, makes a contribution or edit, etc. Learn how to use google drive on Mac, and you’ll never go back.

  1. Many Applications

There’s even more. Besides being able to upload files, store, and share them, Google Drive gives you apps so you can make spreadsheets, documents, drawings, presentations, and surveys on your mobile device and tablets as well.

All the previously mentioned sharing and collaboration functionalities apply to these as well! Work on a survey with your friend on the other side of the world in real-time. Share an entire manuscript with an editor and watch them make comments as they read it.

With Google Slides, for example, you can work on a presentation with your classmates or work with colleagues on the visuals for an important meeting at work. This opens up the possibilities for more team-focused projects.

  1. Security of Using Google Drive

Google uses the HTTPS encryption method protection your work. In fact, they’re safer in the cloud than on your computer. As we mentioned, on a computer, you can lose files, whether you have hardware or software problems, a damaging power outage, or if you misplace your laptop.

You can add yet another layer of security by choosing to use two-step identification. This sends a text to your phone with a security code. Put that into the field on another device to confirm your identity.

Avoid the hassle of having to back up onto multiple drives when you can just trust that it’s in the cloud and being saved constantly. No more thumb drives and no more duplicate copies.

  1. Mobile Apps

Being able to sign into any computer for file access is great, but check this out. You can even use your mobile phone to do this as well. Convenient apps offered by Google will make your experience even easier and more exciting.

Even if you lose your phone, everything is still in the cloud. Pretend you lose everything you own, and you’re teleported to a remote village thousands of miles away. As long as they have internet access, you can continue the project simply by signing in.

Learn how to use google drive on iPhone for photos, presentations, documents, or your entire life story. Google Drive is basically like another dimension which anyone with a Google account can access.

  1. Embed Your Projects

Simply click “Publish” to make it available on the internet. Embed a document onto several websites. Each time you make a change or update that document, re-upload it, and that change will appear on every site on which that document is embedded.

Learn about hosting using Google Drive, and you’ll realize why it’s the ultimate go-to virtual workspace.

Go Get It

Using Google Drive will give you a secure, organized place for your files and projects. Collaborate in a whole new way using its real-time functionality, allowing you and your team to become more productive overall.

Open up this new dimension in your life, and you’ll ask yourself why you hadn’t used it before. Add more free time to your life by saving it with Google Drive’s efficiency. It’s free and easy to use, so consider integrating it for your next project.

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