6 Handy Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Security Camera

Lots and lots of people are opting for surveillance systems to keep on their premises. They are quite effective in deterring crime and are quite reasonably priced, which motivates people to go for them. A few decades back, only the big business establishments, public places, and affluent homeowners could afford them and the normal households were content with alarm systems or infrared motion detectors.

Today, people install them both inside and outside their homes. But, these need to be installed properly, safely, and at perfect angles to do the job effectively. These cameras are prone to vandalism. Here are a few tips to protect your outdoor security cameras.

  • To keep your cameras protected from hacking vulnerability, update your firmware regularly. All good manufacturers keep sending updates on any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Often the outdoor cameras are loaded with high tech features, which are very much required like night vision, long-range zooming etc. and hence prone to vandalism. Place the cameras at significant heights so that it doesn’t come easily in the reach of intruders and should be capable of withstanding rough handling.
  • If you have installed an outdoor camera in an area where lightning and thunderstorm is common, then refrain from using a metal stand to mount your camera. This is because metals are highly conductive. It is also recommended to connect it to UPS as a power outage is common during a thunderstorm.
  • There is a relatively high probability of hacking the outdoor camera by decrypting the safety code. Thus, one should use random complicated passwords and change them frequently. You should also have an added layer of security by boosting your system with WPA2. This Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 is a stronger security protocol.
  • If the place you stay in experiences extreme weather conditions, then the outdoor cameras have to endure that extreme weather. This can play havoc on their functioning and they can go berserk. For such places, one should buy a camera that is built to sustain harsh conditions. You can know about it from its Ingress Protection (IP) rating. To provide added protection, you can place it in a weatherproof casing. To take care of moisture content, placing a tablet of silica gel inside it helps.
  • While mounting the camera, care should be taken to ensure that there is no reflection on the camera lens by the presence of reflective surfaces. These include glass panels, car windows etc.

These are a few of the tips that one should follow to protect outdoor security cameras.

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