5 Best Streaming Services For Curious People

It is quite common that we often watch entertaining TV shows and movies on Netflix and other streaming services, but what interests us a lot are those informative, mysterious and interesting documentaries that either historical TV shows, biopics of historical figures, or just interesting conspiracy theories. Well, if you are also bored of the same old boring content, we have streaming services that are completely dedicated to interesting informative, educational, and historical content. These streaming services have documentaries, TV shows, biopics and movies about all the interesting things. So, read along and we are sure you will find yourself wanting to subscribe to one of these.

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity stream is a streaming service that has a massive library of titles from everything informational. From science, technology, history, nature, societies, psychology and much more, Curiosity Stream has the perfect content when it comes to informative docuseries. It is available on most streaming devices and mobile devices and is also one of the cheapest streaming services providing quality content. Curiosity Stream was launched by the founder of discovery channel, and with the price per month, the subscription is totally worth it. You can also share your account with unlimited number of people and it allows five devices streaming at a time. With that kind of a price and allowance, you should not miss this one. Especially if you are also a curious person like us, you will love the shows.

PBS Documentaries

Home to one of the best documentaries, PBS is our childhood documentary channel where we used to watch all the great documentaries about sports, national parks, and modern wars. You can get PBS on any device that has an Amazon Prime subscription, as the channel comes with that. PBS has high quality binge worthy documentaries and shows about pretty much everything. So, if you don’t have a subscription you can watch it on a cable TV, for which we suggest Spectrum TV. Spectrum TV has more than 125 channels in one plan and comes in high quality HD TV allowing you to have a top-notch documentary experience. Spectrum customer service also makes sure that the quality of your streaming is perfect, as answers you queries, and solve any of your service problems right then and there. So, you can watch PBS Documentaries on your cable TV as well as your Prime video where you can stream the documentaries online.


Kanopy has the maximum number of documentary films and has a little bit of almost everything. You can sort the documentaries by subject, director, supplier, language, and even performance rights. There is a wide range of subjects such as science, human rights, nature, politics, religion, and a lot more. The best part about Kanopy is that if you have an active library card from a library or university, you can get the streaming service free. Kanopy would be the ultimate streaming service for nerds. So, if you are a student and love watching educational content that also increases your knowledge and is interesting, Kanopy is the streaming service for you.


Discovery+ gives you many reasons to get a subscription, and some of those reasons are the crime, food, and science documentaries, as well as the Planet Earth series that all nerds love. Discovery+ is available at almost all streaming services and can be played on almost all devices. The subscription is affordable and being a nerd Discovery+ is an essential especially if you want to watch the Planet Earth series in an ultra HD print, whenever you want.

Magellan TV

Magellan TV is a streaming service that provides subscribers with thousands of documentaries on a wide range of topics. The topics range from space documentaries, war, ancient history, science, technology, crime, culture, and much more. Apart from these topics, the documentaries also discuss exploration of the human spirit, a venture into the dark side, human nature, and psychology. The best part is that there are even articles published on the channel every month to provide you extra knowledge and information about the existing titles. The Streaming service runs on most streaming devices and mobile phones, and comes in a budget. So, if you love movies, and documentaries about non cliché interesting and informative topics, this is the ultimate streaming service for you.

So, if you are a nerd and are tired of the same old boring TV shows that have the same plot and story line in almost every show, we are sure you want something interesting to watch. Well, informative and interesting content is like food for the soul, and we suggest subscribing to some of these streaming services, as their libraries are filled with interesting titles with shows and documentaries about super interesting topics. These streaming services will entertain you and will increase your knowledge, which is far better than shows with a predictable storyline and no interesting facts.

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