5 Advantages of Using Air-Powered Mixers in Industries

For any industry, industrial mixers are an absolute necessity. They are designed to mix heterogeneous materials and form homogenous materials. Depending on the mixing needs and applications, you may choose to have a mixer that is powered either by an electric motor or air. Before choosing an industrial mixer, it is important to assess the characteristics of both types of mixers. In this article, you can read the advantages of using air-powered mixers in industries. First, let us get a better understanding of air-powered mixers so you can make a better decision to benefit your business.

Get to Know Air-Powered Mixers

Air-powered mixers are also called pneumatic mixers. These mixers use either compressed air or air bubbles instead of electricity to mix materials or powders. Knowledge about the inner workings of an air-powered mixer is also necessary for industries that require mixing solutions on a daily basis. Pneumatic mixers consist of a mixing silo; some have a central conveying tube that has an inverted conical deflector that spreads material. They also have a housing cone on which aerators are mounted. Then, compressed air is introduced at high velocities through the nozzles and will mix the materials that have characteristics of expansion. The compressed air causes the materials to expand when aerated.

After the compressed air becomes introduced, particles are then reoriented in relation to one another. This is a direct result of the expansion. Mixing is then finally achieved when the system employs a blower or a compressor to generator airflow.

5 Advantages of Using Air-Powered Mixers in Industries

When you are looking for industrial mixers for homogenizing materials, there are typically two options: air-powered and electric powered mixers. Consider the following aspects before choosing one:

  • What kind of materials will you be working with?
  • Speed of the mixer
  • Torque output

If you want a safe and efficient option, then you should consider a mixer that uses a pneumatic system. The following advantages of air-powered mixers can help you understand how the mixers can benefit your business.

Safe with Flammable Materials

Are you looking for industrial mixers to mix flammable materials? Then air-powered mixers are the way to go. With air-powered mixers, you can make your plant a safe place to work. When you mix flammable materials with an electric mixer, chances of catching fire with an electric spark is likely. On the other hand, since air-powered mixers use compressed air for mixing, there are no chances of ignition. There is also less of a risk of failure that comes from misapplication.


When you are investing in an industrial mixer, torque output is a crucial aspect you must be considering. Torque, in simple terms, is a force that causes an object to rotate. When compared to electric powered mixers, air-powered mixers generate more torque with compressed air. Air motors also generate the amount of torque required for the application.

Works Great with Viscous Materials

Viscosity is a property that signifies the thickness of liquids. The greater the viscosity, the thicker the liquid is. When you are buying a mixer to mix materials that have high viscosity, the mixer must be able to move the material. Since air-powered mixers generate high torque output, they are an ideal choice to mix thick liquids. Even when they are overloaded, pneumatic motors only stop running; whereas, electric motors may overheat and permanently fail. Additionally, air motors provide variable speed options that can be controlled with a valve.

Unlimited Resource

Let’s talk about the biggest advantage, which is that air is virtually available anywhere in unlimited quantities. With so many resources being finite, it’s good to have something that provides something that is practically limitless.


The weight of a motor contributes majorly to the weight of a mixer. Since air motors weigh less than electric motors, they are preferred in areas where the mixers have to be frequently moved. If you are looking for a mixer to use in restricted spaces, then air mixers make an ideal choice. They are also easy to handle; the process of mixing is also gentle with pneumatic mixers.

Air-powered mixers benefit different types of industries. The advantages of pneumatic mixers that are listed above will hopefully showcase why this option is the one to go with. Though there are plenty of reasons why you should choose an air-powered mixer, the decision ultimately boils down to what you think is best for your company. The most important thing is that you go for an industrial mixer manufacturer who offers several sizes and options so that you can choose the best for your business. Look for the right company to acquire your air-powered mixer so that they can install it properly and walk you through the ins and outs of the piece of machinery you bought.

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