4 FAQs Regarding Funeral Arrangements Answered Below

What do funeral directors do?

The funeral directors have to prepare a body for burial or cremation. They also arrange necessary funeral services for the dead, ranging from working with a church to providing transportation to and from the place of disposition. But there is more to what meets the eye. The funeral directors showcase great care and compassion while giving families a way to honor the dead. They also arrange for the obituaries to be published, online or in the newspapers. They also fill out the death certificates and get copies of the documents for the family. They also assist in preplanning the funerals if the client is planning in advance.

What is the distinction between a memorial service and a funeral?

The difference between the two is the presence of the deceased body. The latter is when the body is present at a place where the service is held. When the body is donated to since, buried or cremated first, the gathering that follows without the body present is called the memorial service. Both services offer chances for families and friends to gather and honor the memory of the dead. No matter what the place is, the funeral directors make the most of it to create a space that showcases the life of the dead by including photos, videos and a lot of memories. You can also customize the funeral by requesting them to add Chinese Plaques Singapore in the ceremony.

What does ‘in lieu of flowers’ mean?

This very phrase is used in the obituaries when the family of the dead requests that the loved ones will honor and remember the deceased in a way other than sending flowers. This is a common request where a donation is made in memory of the deceased to a charity or society. This request is most commonly made as the funeral director has claimed that the crematory, cemetery or mausoleum will not permit or limit funeral flowers to be delivered to the venue.

Why are obituaries expensive?

Unluckily, funeral homes have zero control over the costs related with publishing an obituary in the papers. Usually, newspapers tend to charge by the line and including the photo of the deceased may hike the fee up. You can take some steps to shorten the notice to lower the overall fee charged by the paper. Usually, funeral homes offer free or reduced cost placement of an obituary on their own website and then you can share them through your social media accounts.

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